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Age spots or liver spots are benign pigmented skin lesions that are often seen in older people with sun-damaged white skin types. The spots are common, affecting 90% of people over the age of 60.


An age spot is a sign that the skin has been frequently exposed to UV rays. People who have been treated with PUVA therapy for a long time and fanatical tanning bed users are also more at risk.


People with a light skin type in particular have an increased risk of age spots. These skin discolorations often occur around the age of forty. Causes are:

  • skin aging

  • exposure to UV radiation (sunlight)

To prevent pigmentation spots, it is therefore advisable to always apply a sunscreen with a high factor to your skin in the sun.


At The Hague Clinic we remove age spots by means of Coagulation. Coagulation is a safe and effective way to remove age spots. Spots are touched very precisely without damaging the healthy, surrounding skin.


Coagulation therapy is performed with the 'spot remover'. A subtle device with a pointed electrode. An electrical heat (safe low voltage) develops in this point, which marks out age spots. With a very fine needle, we apply heat to the skin during coagulation therapy. We heat the spots locally and very precisely. You hardly feel this; you only feel pinpricks. Due to the heating, the proteins in the skin coagulate and scabs form on the spots of the age spots. These scabs fall off the skin after an average of a week. Below this, a new, beautiful skin is created. Coagulation treatment of age spots is safe, fast and very effective.

A treatment with the spot remover is very targeted and safe. With great precision, spots and warts are touched on while the healthy, surrounding skin is left alone. The treatment is effective, so that most spots have disappeared immediately after the first treatment! 


  • After the treatment of age spots  , the treated skin may still be slightly red for a few hours.

  • Scabs may also form. These disappear on average within a few days to two weeks.

  • During this period you should be careful about putting on and taking off clothes and drying the skin.

  • Try not to scratch the scabs either. The skin will then heal without scarring.


  • Keep the wounds dry and clean for at least 5 days after the procedure.

  • Avoid the sun for 10-28 days (sun holidays and winter sports).

  • Protect your skin well with at least SPF 30, in sun and rain.

  • It is very important that you do not scratch the skin during the process.

  • Avoid sauna, hot baths and sweating (sports) for 48 hours after the treatment.



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