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Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produce sebum that keeps the epidermis oily and prevents it from drying out. In addition, sebum protects the skin against pathogens and fungi. With acne there is an increased sebum production in combination with a bacteria that causes inflammation. The increased sebum production is caused by various factors such as hormonal factors and/or genetic predisposition.

During the free consultation, your skin will be examined by the practitioner. Based on this, a treatment plan is drawn up. Which treatment is suitable for your skin depends on a number of factors, such as the severity of the acne, the sensitivity of the skin and any medication you use. The emphasis of the treatment will be on thoroughly cleaning the skin.


We understand how frustrating acne can be. The Hague Clinic specializes in treating acne. We work with various medical products to treat your skin. Prior to the treatment, a no-obligation consultation takes place.


The practitioner starts by mapping your skin using a skin camera. The skin analysis is then discussed and a customized treatment plan is drawn up. Of course we always listen to your wishes and expectations. Although this differs per person, in most cases you will see results after 1 treatment. However, we recommend that you undergo several treatments in a cure to achieve optimal results. 



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