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What is an Age Element treatment?

Mesoestetic Age Element Anti-aging Facial is a new exclusive comprehensive anti-aging treatment from Mesoestetic that fits perfectly with our “age more beautifully” program. A personalized comprehensive anti-aging treatment that we completely tailor to the skin condition or skin problem by means of the boosters and masks. With the Natural Face Lifting massage we provide an intensive lifting massage of the connective tissue. 

This is how Age Element works:

The goal is to keep the skin beautiful and healthy for as long as possible. Mesoestetic does this with the Meso Age Element System by:

  • activate a protein (protein) that ensures a longer life of the skin cells

  • improve cell activity

  • protect the DNA of the skin cells

  • neutralizing toxins


Roadmap Age Element

  • intensive cleaning with a balm to restore the natural fat layer

  • mild peeling (glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid and succinic acid) to activate the skin cells and remove the dead skin cells

  • remove impurities

  • epilate if desired

  • restore moisture balance with a special cream

  • booster to activate the skin, we have a choice of 4 specific boosters:

  1. Age Element Ant-wrinkle Booster : reduces fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin softer and smoother

  2. Age Element Redensifying Booster : acts on the firming of the skin

  3. Age Element Firming Booster : has a lifting effect on the skin

  4. Age Element Brightening Booster : makes the skin tone more even

  • Natural Face Lifting connective tissue massage tailored to the chosen booster

  • mask (algae or membrane mask) tailored to the skin and the chosen booster

  • final care

What will my skin look like after the Age Element treatment?

In most cases, the skin will not feel red or tight after the treatment. You really leave the house with a glowy skin!​

Aftercare instructions

After the Age Element you do not have to adhere to any specific aftercare instructions.

How many treatments do I need?

With a single treatment you give a huge boost to your skin, but if you really want to improve your skin, multiple treatments are needed. The number of treatments varies per type of peeling, skin type and skin problem. 

Do you want to know what we can do for you? Then make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation. During this appointment, a personal treatment plan will be drawn up, we will explain the treatments and answer all your questions. We will of course also check whether your skin is suitable for an Age Element treatment.

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