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Millions of people suffer from hyperpigmentation. These are small or large dark spots on the skin and are usually located on the face. Often it indicates that you have suffered damage to your skin.

The meaning of hyperpigmentation is a change in skin color, which can be all over your body. These can be, for example, sun spots, freckles and scars. Hyperpigmentation occurs most often in your face, because your face, neck and décolleté are most exposed to harmful external factors, such as the sun.


The cause is that color difference arises because the skin produces more pigment. This can occur in various forms. Usually age and exposure to the sun play a big role in this. That is why SPF (Sun Protection Factor), which is part of a sunscreen, is so important. Pigment spots are dark in color.

At The Hague Clinic you are at the right place to treat your pigmentation. For a good approach, it is useful to first see why you suffer from pigmentation. Have you always had this, or is this caused by the sun, for example? 


During the consultation we will pay attention to these points in order to draw up a suitable treatment plan.

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