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Hi, I'm Hannah. The founder & owner of The Hague Clinic.




I started my career in 1995 in the Fashion Design Industry. Over the years my interest in the skin grew, especially in skin improvement. In 2007 I made the step towards medical skin improvement. Since then I have continued to specialize in many skin problems. You can therefore rest assured that you are in good hands.
We are affiliated with the ANBOS.

Feel free to book a free consult and experience it for yourself in the clinic.

Our story


Our approach is based on the latest science and research of skin improvement, based on advising the right skincare and lifestyle (including nutrition), to nourish and balance the skin from within. That is why you can also contact us for supplements, such as collagen.​


We do not treat any customer in the same way, because we support a personalized approach. 

In the clinic we only work with high-quality products, such as: Mesoestetic, Obagi Medical, Dermapen 4, Skinpen and Dermaceuticals.

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If you are visiting us for the frist time, we always start with an extensive consult + skin analysis. We would like to know more about you and your lifestyle and filling in our intake form will help our specialist on the way to the right approach. 

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  • Is een consult & huidanalyse kosteloos?
    Een consult & huidanalyse is €35. Bij een behandeling wordt het tarief van €35 in mindering gebracht en is het consult dus kosteloos.
  • Can I be treated immediately after the consultation & skin analysis?
    If you choose 'consult, huidanalyse & behandeling' meaning: 'consultation, skin analysis & treatment' when booking, we will take into account that you want to be treated immediately after the consultation. Do you just want to schedule a free consultation? Please then choose the 15-minute session: 'consult & huidanalyse'.
  • Which products are used in the clinic?
    We work with: Mesoestetic Obagi Medical Dermaceuticals DermaPen 4 SkinPen Neoderma Mesoestetic is one of the world's leading brands in skin care and skin improvement. These skincare products offer proven effective results for all skin types and ages. At the base of this unique line of products and treatments is leading dermatological and pharmaceutical research, conducted by the best dedicated skin specialists from the Mesoestetic headquarters in Barcelona. This is combined with the application of the latest concepts, technologies, innovations and most advanced formulas and ingredients in the field of facial, sun and body treatments.
  • Is the clinic easily accessible by public transport?
    Yes. The clinic is located 4 minutes walking distance from Den Haag / The Hague City Centre (spui). And about 7 minutes walking distance from the Central Station of Den Haag / The Hague.
  • Zijn er parkeerplaatsen bij de kliniek?
    Yes. You can park your car in front of the clinic
  • Are the treatments covered by my health insurance?
    Yes! Most skin therapeutic treatments are covered by your health insurance. Depending on the conditions of your basic insurance or additional healthcare insurance, you may be reimbursed part of the costs or even the entire amount. You will find a correct overview of these reimbursements and any associated conditions on the health insurer's website. The following treatments are eligible for reimbursement. Always check the conditions of your own health insurance carefully. Reimbursement may differ per health insurer and depends on your personal conditions. • Acne therapy • Pigment spots
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