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A scar forms when a wound healing is disrupted. A disturbance can be caused by a poor condition, infection or poor blood circulation. It may also be that the skin produces too much collagen tissue. This can cause a scar. Scars often also occur as a result of acne.


How quickly and how well a wound progresses through these phases depends on several factors, including, for example, the age and condition of a patient. But also the size and shape of the scar, the depth of the wound and its origin are examples of such factors. All these factors will be discussed during the consultation.

At The Hague Clinic you are at the right place to reduce your scars. For a good approach, it is useful to first see why you have large pores. Have you always had these, or did you get them because you got older? Or do you suffer from acne, for example?


During the consultation we will pay attention to these points in order to draw up a suitable treatment plan.



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