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Excessive hair loss or bald spots can have several causes. One of the causes of hair loss is poor blood circulation. 

Recent studies show that the use of the dermapen is an effective treatment against hair loss, as it stimulates blood flow.

Dermapen uses very small needles, which vibrate to create small channels in the skin. This ensures that the skin will renew and recover in a natural way. In addition, new collagen and elastin are produced. With just one treatment you already give your scalp a huge boost. If you really want to improve your skin, multiple treatments are needed.

In addition to a dermapen treatment, mesotherapy, also known as XL hair, can be used to treat hair loss.

At The Hague Clinic you are at the right place to treat your hair loss. For a good approach, it is useful to first see why you suffer from hair loss. 


During the consultation we will pay attention to these points in order to draw up a suitable treatment plan.



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