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Coarse pores are pores that are larger than normal and therefore more visible. The pores in the skin are the openings of the glands in our skin. These are pores that secrete sebum (sebaceous glands) and that secrete moisture (sweat glands). Everyone has pores and most people barely see them. In some cases they are therefore larger, we see these coarse pores mainly on the nose, forehead and cheeks and sometimes on the chin. Although coarse pores are basically harmless, they can annoy you.

Coarse pores are common in people with oily skin and can have various causes, such as: clogged pores, too much sebum secretion​, acne, genetic influences and skin aging

Due to skin aging, the amount of collagen decreases and the pore walls become weaker. Pollution causes the pores to stretch further and further.


At The Hague Clinic you are at the right place to reduce your coarse pores. For a good approach, it is useful to first see why you have large pores. Have you always had these, or did you get them because you got older? Or do you suffer from acne, for example?


During the consultation we will pay attention to these points in order to draw up a suitable treatment plan.



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