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Steel warts are usually harmless skin protrusions in the shape of a bump or stalk. Other names for skin tags are fibromas, acrochordons, or skin tags. Steel warts are often skin-colored or slightly darker than the skin and are common under the armpits or in the neck. They are usually a few millimeters in size, but this varies up to 2 centimeters. As you age, the number and size of skin tags may increase. Steel warts are common. Fibroids look like small, protruding stalks of skin.

Despite what the name suggests, skin tags are not related to the warts. Steel warts are not caused by a virus infection, but by a disturbance in the fat tissue. Skin tags are therefore not contagious, in contrast to warts enwater warts.


Little is known about the cause of skin warts. It is clear, however, that they are the result of a disturbance in the adipose tissue. Anyone can get skin tags spontaneously, although they usually occur in adults.

Possible factors that play a role in the development of skin warts are:

  • genes

  • age

  • hormone fluctuations

  • overweight

  • diabetes mellitus

  • abrasive clothing or jewelry

  • poorly healing wounds


At The Hague Clinic we remove fribromas/steel warts by means of coagulation. Coagulation is a safe and effective way to remove benign skin bumps. Spots are touched very precisely without damaging the healthy, surrounding skin.


Coagulation therapy is performed with the 'spot remover'. A subtle device with a pointed electrode. An electrical heat (safe low voltage) develops in this point and warts and skin bumps are touched with it. The wart or fibroma will shrivel up or a small scab will appear immediately. When this crust falls off, the spot is gone. In most cases, the spots are gone after one treatment. A treatment with the spot remover only takes a few minutes. 

A treatment with the spot remover is very targeted and safe. With great precision, spots and warts are touched on while the healthy, surrounding skin is left alone. The treatment is effective, so that most spots have disappeared immediately after the first treatment! 


  • After the treatment of skin warts  , the treated skin may still be somewhat red for a few hours.

  • Scabs may also form. These disappear on average within a few days to two weeks.

  • During this period you should be careful about putting on and taking off clothes and drying the skin.

  • Try not to scratch the scabs either. The skin will then heal without scarring.


  • Keep the wounds dry and clean for at least 5 days after the procedure.

  • Avoid the sun for 10-28 days (sun holidays and winter sports).

  • Protect your skin well with at least SPF 30, in sun and rain.

  • It is very important that you do not scratch the skin during the process.

  • Avoid sauna, hot baths and sweating (sports) for 48 hours after the treatment.



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